Wired Ramp Co.


Wired ramps are made from the strongest and finest possible concretes to insure a smooth and consistent grind while also being very durable. The idea of starting this company has been around for 4 years with alot of testing of the ramps myself and knowing they were very good but being to lazy to start up the site the idea started to diminish. Then I decided that I would bring around 10 to 15 ramps to the Flatface rendezvous 13 in August (2012). After walking around and trying to sell them for around an hour people started to catch on. Jayme Oberhausen now Wired Ramp Co. team rider went around to all of his friends and started to get everyone going on it and before I knew it I had sold out all of the ramps. I then had people begging me to make a site because either they didn't get a ramp or they wanted another and as you asked here it is!

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